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Alpha Power Signals, Dr. Russell HorineAlpha Power Signals
Instructor: Dr. Russell Horine
SKU: POWRS   $69
An instructional package loaded with simple yet powerful mind tricks that you can use immediately to control, mold and shape how other people see you without you having to say a word... and without them suspecting a thing.

1 Digital Workbook, 2 DVD - 143 minutes

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Advanced Fighting Chance, Bob TaylorAdvanced Fighting Chance
Instructor: Bob Taylor
SKU: ADFCH   $97
Nearly 5 solid hours of advanced combat techniques for instantly disarming and disabling (bare-handed) any assailant coming at you with a gun, club or knife.

1 Training Gun, 3 DVD - 236 minutes

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American BadAss Survival Series, Dale ComstockAmerican BadAss Survival Series
Instructor: Dale Comstock
SKU: BAKIT   199
In our Bad Ass Survival series, retired Green Beret and Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock gives you the knowledge and training you need to survive an honest to God meltdown situation. During his time in the military he was often operating in a small group in hostile territory with limited logistical support. As a security contractor after his retirement he spent many months embedded in enemy territory, again with limited resources.

[1 HFC1500 Water Filtration Kit, 1 Survival Lock Pick Kit, 9 DVDs, 11hrs.]

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