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TRS Pyro Waterproof Plasma Arc Lighter , Survival GearTRS Pyro Waterproof Plasma Arc Lighter
SKU: PYRO   $29.99
Water resistant double-arc lighter with integrated 100 Lumen flashlight with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

1 Pyro Arc Lighter, 1 USB to Mico US Charging Cord, 1 Digital Video - 11 minutes

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TRS 330 EDC Tactical Flashlight, Survival GearTRS 330 EDC Tactical Flashlight
SKU: LITE   $89.00
Pocket sized tactical flashlight made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum. The tail is magnetic with a glow in the dark button. The unique S-clip allows the light to be clipped on hats, shirts, and pockets.

1 330 EDC Tactical Flash Lite, 2 Digital Videos - 19 minutes

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Pocketsharp Pro Mini-Hones, Survival GearPocketsharp Pro Mini-Hones
SKU: PSHRP   $19.00
The "pocket" hone is 5 inches long with a usable length of 2.5 inches. The taper end has a #600 grit while the multi-function end has a #320 grit. The abrasive material is diamond. The pocket hone is a retractable 4-function hone with a flat edge for sharpening items like scissors and a round hone for knives. The tapered end is designed to sharpen serrations and knives.

2 Pocketsharp Pro Mini-Hones

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The Boss Shave Kit, Survival GearThe Boss Shave Kit
SKU: ZBOSS   $300.00
Classic style 5/8th inch concave high carbon stainless steel razor with a 16-degree bevel. The leather strop constructed from quality leather; one side cleans nicks and burrs while the other polishes the blade. The kit includes a badger hair brush, a rich-lather shave soap cake, a ceramic mug and stainless steel stand.

1 Boss 5/8ths Straight Razor, 1 Leather Strop, 1 Soap Cake, 1 Ceramic Mug, 1 Stainless Steel Stand, 1 How-To Manual, 1 How-To Video

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