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American BadAss Survival Series, Dale ComstockAmerican BadAss Survival Series
Instructor: Dale Comstock
SKU: BAKIT   $199
In our Bad Ass Survival series, retired Green Beret and Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock gives you the knowledge and training you need to survive an honest to God meltdown situation. During his time in the military he was often operating in a small group in hostile territory with limited logistical support. As a security contractor after his retirement he spent many months embedded in enemy territory, again with limited resources.

[1 HFC1500 Water Filtration Kit, 1 Survival Lock Pick Kit, 9 DVDs, 11hrs.]

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The Boss Shave Kit, Survival GearThe Boss Shave Kit
SKU: ZBOSS   $300.00
Classic style 5/8th inch concave high carbon stainless steel razor with a 16-degree bevel. The leather strop constructed from quality leather; one side cleans nicks and burrs while the other polishes the blade. The kit includes a badger hair brush, a rich-lather shave soap cake, a ceramic mug and stainless steel stand.

1 Boss 5/8ths Straight Razor, 1 Leather Strop, 1 Soap Cake, 1 Ceramic Mug, 1 Stainless Steel Stand, 1 How-To Manual, 1 How-To Video

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Joseph TetiJoseph Teti's Lone Operator Package
Instructor: Joseph Teti
SKU: TETIG   $99.00
Former U.S. Special Forces Commando and survival expert Joseph Teti delves into tactics and mental skills to fight and win a real world gun fight. Program also covers failure drills, speed drills, ammo conservation and more.

2 DVD, 1 Audiobook 155 Minutes

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Bulletproof Armor Plates, Free Plate Carrier, Survival GearBulletproof Armor Plates, Free Plate Carrier
SKU: 2ARMR   $198
Ballistic 25 x 30cm standard-size solid steel inserts - the gold standard for hard plate armor. Rated NIJ III+ -- which means they can stop multiple high-velocity M855 rounds as well as 7.62 x 39mm rounds. Each Insert is covered in a rubberized foam coating and then wrapped in a second layer of tough 600 denier fabric.

2 Ballistic Inserts, 1 Plate Carrier

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Undercover Bulletproof Vest, Survival GearUndercover Bulletproof Vest
SKU: MVEST   $329
Bulletproof vest that can be easily concealed under a jacket or windbreaker. Provides IIIA Level Protection. Provides front and back protection.

1 Bulletproof Vest, Sizes: Medium/Large and Large/XL

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