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The Boss Shave Kit, Survival GearThe Boss Shave Kit
SKU: ZBOSS   $300.00
Classic style 5/8th inch concave high carbon stainless steel razor with a 16-degree bevel. The leather strop constructed from quality leather; one side cleans nicks and burrs while the other polishes the blade. The kit includes a badger hair brush, a rich-lather shave soap cake, a ceramic mug and stainless steel stand.

1 Boss 5/8ths Straight Razor, 1 Leather Strop, 1 Soap Cake, 1 Ceramic Mug, 1 Stainless Steel Stand, 1 How-To Manual, 1 How-To Video

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Joseph TetiJoseph Teti's Lone Operator Package
Instructor: Joseph Teti
SKU: TETIG   $99.00
Former U.S. Special Forces Commando and survival expert Joseph Teti delves into tactics and mental skills to fight and win a real world gun fight. Program also covers failure drills, speed drills, ammo conservation and more.

2 DVD, 1 Audiobook 155 Minutes

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Bulletproof Armor Plates, Free Plate Carrier, Survival GearBulletproof Armor Plates, Free Plate Carrier
SKU: 2ARMR   $198
Ballistic 25 x 30cm standard-size solid steel inserts - the gold standard for hard plate armor. Rated NIJ III+ -- which means they can stop multiple high-velocity M855 rounds as well as 7.62 x 39mm rounds. Each Insert is covered in a rubberized foam coating and then wrapped in a second layer of tough 600 denier fabric.

2 Ballistic Inserts, 1 Plate Carrier

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Undercover Bulletproof Vest, Survival GearUndercover Bulletproof Vest
SKU: MVEST   $329
Bulletproof vest that can be easily concealed under a jacket or windbreaker. Provides IIIA Level Protection. Provides front and back protection.

1 Bulletproof Vest, Sizes: Medium/Large and Large/XL

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