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Fighting Mindset

Fighting Mindset, Ben CooleyFighting Mindset
Instructor: Ben Cooley
SKU: FMNDS   $69.00
With Fighting Mindset series Bennie has completed a life-long dream of his: To take everything he knows about combat shooting and teaches it to the average, hard-working American guy who carries a gun for the protection of his home and family.

2 DVD, 265 Minutes

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Fighting Mindset II, Ben CooleyFighting Mindset II
Instructor: Ben Cooley
SKU: TCTIC   $69.00
In this DVD you'll be able to act automatically - without fear - and systematically take control of even the worst situations you might ever find yourself in. The intruders who face you will instantly know they made a serious mistake!

1 DVD, 102 Minutes

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