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Native American Fighting Secrets

Native American Fighting Secrets, Randall BrownInstructor: Randall Brown
Code: IF   $97.00
Learn both the traditional application of these Indian fighting skills (a real historical treasure) and the down and dirty ways to adapt those skills to today’s violent streets.

3 DVD, 223 Minutes

Black Sea Grip Training System

Black Sea Grip Training System, Dr. Russell HorineInstructor: Dr. Russell Horine
Code: GRP   $140
Training system with free grip training aid to improve grip strength and vitality.

1 Sure-Grip Training Aid, 1 Digital Video - 28 minutes

Street Soldier Science Fitness

Street Soldier Science Fitness, Diallo FrazierInstructor: Diallo Frazier
Code: DW   $19.95
You'll be astonished at how simply and quickly "Gettin' Ripped" will get your muscles tightened-up while injecting your mind and body with the 5 secrets to throwing jabs, simple footwork tricks and powerful kicks.

1 DVD, 57 Minutes

Brutal Head Bustin Secrets

Brutal Head Bustin Secrets, Mark ParraInstructor: Mark Parra
Code: HB   $97.00
Surefire ways to rapid-strikes, nasty little "arm whips", effective ways to snap his collar bone and much more quick and simple tricks that will leave you walking away unscathed and your opponent on the floor confused and in pain.

2 DVD, 97 Minutes

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