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Combat JKD

Combat JKD, Christophe ClugstonInstructor: Christophe Clugston
Code: CG   $97.00
This is the most honestly brutal, bam-BAM-and-you're-done kind of fighting you could ever imagine… and the best part is, it's especially easy for "non-fighting" types of people to master quickly!

2 DVD, 181 Minutes

Jim West Black Ops Knife

Jim West Black Ops Knife, Jim WestInstructor: Jim West
Code: JWK   $200.00
Fixed blade forged from D2 Air Hardened Tool Steel with a Titanium Carbo-Nitride PVD coating comes with a kydex sheath that can be customized to 11 different carry positions and a paracord wrapped handle.

2 Disc DVD Package, 1 Special Edition Knife, 5-1/2' paracord, 1 Certificate of Authenticity

Native American Fighting Secrets

Native American Fighting Secrets, Randall BrownInstructor: Randall Brown
Code: IF   $97.00
Learn both the traditional application of these Indian fighting skills (a real historical treasure) and the down and dirty ways to adapt those skills to today’s violent streets.

3 DVD, 223 Minutes


Enigma, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: ENG   $97.00
The most brutal unarmed move you can pull in a fight. It's called the "Leaping Face Ripper." The little-known but extremely effective “Nipple Tear” that lets him know you're 100% serious about hurting him.

2 DVD, 199 Minutes

X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Pak

X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Pak, WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: x8   $9.95
Become an expert fast! Amaze family, friends...everyone. Package includes 8 inch Stinger knife and 75 minute instructional DVD...FREE!

1 DVD 75 minutes, 1 Throwing Knife

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder , WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: 325s   $50
This 325s Tactical Survival knife is a "spring action" blade for a blazing fast draw. Also has a cord cutter and a glass breaker. Amazing quality. Limited supply, so you are limited to 3 knives per order.

1 DVD 59 minutes, 1 Folding Knife

Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics

Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics, Tom CruseInstructor: Tom Cruse
Code: RST   $97.00
You will learn the field tested hand to hand moves proven to work. Plus you will learn some little-known secrets to defend yourself from a knife. Over 4 hours of intensive training.

3 DVD, 2 Training Knives, 237 Minutes

Delta SEAL Training Camp

Delta SEAL Training Camp, Various TalentsInstructor: Various Talents
Code: DS   $177.00
This DVD Package features actual Navy SEALS and U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers with real-life combat experience instructing over a 4-day period. These tips are incredibly effective and easy to learn.

4 DVD 1 Audio, 503 Minutes

Street Safe II

Street Safe II, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: DEV   $97.00
This amazing collection reveals "unfair" fighting secrets that can defeat even top level streetfighters! Just knowing the material in Paul's Street Safe II will put you in an entirely new category of fighter.

1 DVD, 83 Minutes

Street Safe III

Street Safe III, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: SB   $69.00
How to deal with "mass attacks" (when you're forced to fight off several guys at once) How to properly use “eye gouges" (most other “guru’s are simply wrong about this). Special "bites" that will destroy any attacker's will to fight.

1 DVD, 93 Minutes

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