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Improvised Weapons

Rock N Roll Prison Fighting

Rock N Roll Prison Fighting, James PainterInstructor: James Painter
Code: RR   $69.00
The super-painful, special "soft" targets you'll learn about are on everybody... and, when you know how to "access" them, you'll be the most feared person in the room. The weapon almost all systems avoid because it is just too brutal and unsettling.

2 DVD, 103 Minutes

V-Force Scientific Concepts

V-Force Scientific Concepts, Tommy DilalloInstructor: Tommy Dilallo
Code: VF   $97.00
The simplest "quick take out" moves ever devised for street fighting. How to obliterate multiple attackers fast, and almost too fast. Tommy has learned from experience just to assume that every street attack will involve multiple opponents.

8 DVD, 345 Minutes

Advanced Hwa Rang Sul Package

Advanced Hwa Rang Sul Package, Jesse LechugaInstructor: Jesse Lechuga
Code: AH   $97.00
This modified system while based on a Korean style called Hwa Rang Sul - has proven so valuable in real-world combat that several Marine special units and huge metro police gang units have trained in it almost exclusively.

3 DVD 1 Clave, 183 Minutes

13 Crowbars

13 Crowbars , Ray EllingsenInstructor: Ray Ellingsen
Code: CR   $69.00
End any fight in seconds, learn eight amazing "Upper Body Leverage" points, learn vicious way to freeze any attacker with severe pain and gain complete control of your opponent.

3 DVD, 126 Minutes

52 Ghetto Blocks

52 Ghetto Blocks, Diallo FrazierInstructor: Diallo Frazier
Code: FT   $69.00
Known here as Ghetto Blocks… this system, born out of the most violent prison scenarios, Is regarded for being highly effective in defending yourself against ANY attacker, multiple attackers, even armed attackers anywhere, any time.

2 DVD 1 Audio, 219 Minutes

Be The Bodyguard

Be The Bodyguard, Gregg WooldridgeInstructor: Gregg Wooldridge
Code: GW   $97.00
Gregg Wooldrige brings his expertise to light in this amazing DVD package. Gregg shows you how to protect your loved ones with simple to learn moves and how to develop the mindset of a bodyguard.

3 DVD, 217 Minutes

The Secret of Black Ops

The Secret of Black Ops, Mr.XInstructor: Mr.X
Code: BK   $69.00
There's no holds in this... no submissions... no grappling... just instant death moves.The ones learned and used only by the most elite combat "spec-op" soldiers... until now!

1 DVD, 120 Minutes

Brutal Beyond Belief

Brutal Beyond Belief, Dr VInstructor: Dr V
Code: DR   $97.00
Dr. V will show you the bare essentials needed to completely dismantle any type of attacker. Whether it's hand to hand, ground, knife or gun, Dr. V has you covered. These techniques are so brutal, its beyond belief.

2 DVD, 171 Minutes

Brutal Head Bustin Secrets

Brutal Head Bustin Secrets, Mark ParraInstructor: Mark Parra
Code: HB   $97.00
Surefire ways to rapid-strikes, nasty little "arm whips", effective ways to snap his collar bone and much more quick and simple tricks that will leave you walking away unscathed and your opponent on the floor confused and in pain.

2 DVD, 97 Minutes

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct, Demi BarbitoInstructor: Demi Barbito
Code: KI   $69.00
The equivalent of 6 months of "usual" training, crammed into 1 DVD package. Get "full on" training in the shortest time humanly possible! Includes hand-to-hand lethal combat, ground fighting, improvised weapons, knives, and tactical gun handling!

1 DVD 1 Book, 149 Minutes

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